Sumarah retreats

This year Laura will take a sabbatical break, therefore she will not guide any workshop in Europe, planning to come back for Sumarah retreats in Summer 2019.
Nevertheless there will be 4 city retreats guided by the new generation of western pamongs.


23rd to 30th of June 2018 

City retreat guided by Donatella Messina 
Language: Italian
Contact: Giuliana Terracciano at giuliana.terracciano[at] 

Chianni Pisa 
Agriturismo Teatro del Montevaso
25th to 31th of August 2018  

Residential retreat guided by Donatella Messina
Language: English and Italian
Contact: Donatella at tellamessi[at] 


13th to 20th of July 2018

City retreat guided by Susanne Klein
Language: German
Contact: Susanne at sannejava[at]

4th to 10th of August 2018  

City retreat guided by Conny Ottinger
Language: German
Contact: Conny at conny-o[at]

12th to 19th of August 2018 

City retreat guided by Michael Dick
Language: German
Contact: Michael at michael.dick[at]